NORMIT Delta T Scraper heat exchanger for product knitting

NORMIT Delta T Scraper heat exchanger for product knitting


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 The unit is designed for heating or cooling various semi viscous and viscous products such as: meat, margarine, ice cream mix, heavy cream, cottage cheese, ketchups, yogurts.


The scraper heat exchanger consists of two concentrically arranged pipes: the inner one is a working cylinder (shaft) with scrapers, and the outer one is a cylinder-shell. The product to be heat treated moves in the annular space between the outer and inner cylinders of the heat exchanger. Fluoroplastic scrapers are installed on the inner rotating shaft. The scrapers are pressed against the inner walls of the cylinder during rotation, stirring and significantly improving the heat exchange in the viscous product. As a result, the product in the working zone of the heat exchanger has a translational-rotational motion. The product is fed from the bottom to the top.                                                


Number of scraper rows 4 

Number of scrapers 8 

Scraper circumferential speed, m/sec 0,5-3 m/sec. 

Drive power, kW 0.79 kW 

Phase/line voltage 0.23/0.4 kV 

Heating/cooling surface, m² 0.6 m² 

Total height in mm approx.                   1108 mm 

Cylinder height, mm approx.           552 mm 

Inlet 50 

Outlet 50 

Product temperature range in °C 0-150 °C 

Maximum product pressure in bar 3-8 bar 

Product volume in liters 30 

Net weight 125 kg 

Gross weight 135


ModelDelta T Scraper heat exchanger for product knitting