Fish Farming

Stringent environmental restrictions aimed at minimizing pollution from fish hatcheries and aquaculture farms gave an impetus to the rapid technological development of recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) in the Baltics. Given the need for provision of population with fish products, the aquaculture, which is already one of the fastest growing for agricultural sectors has a great potential for development. World fishing catches peaked in 2006 at about 90 million tons, while the production of aquaculture products is still growing - at the moment it reaches the global volume of nearly 52 million tons. Increased attention to the sustainability of production, consumer demand, food security and economic efficiency in the aquaculture sector requires constant development of new production technologies.

In recent years, Regrand company has designed and implemented several projects in aquaculture: a freshwater fish breeding facility (sturgeon, trout, African catfish, eel) with a total capacity of about 160 tons of commercial fish per year, the incubation complex of freshwater fish and implemented individual supply of technological equipment for fish farming.

Sustainable operation of these facilities, and achieved economic indicators allow us to say with confidence that we offer technological solutions that are not only tested in practice, but also justified in terms of profitability.